Basic Application Guideline

Documents to prepare


If you hold VISA types as below:

  • F4 (Korean with Foreign citizenship)
  • F5 (Permanent Residency )
  • F2 (Residency)
  • F6 (Marriage Immigration)

Required documentation

  1. 1.Alien Registration Card
    (Domestic Residence Report of Foreign National Korean)
  2. 2.Certification of Domestic Residence
  3. 3.International or Domestic Driver’s License


If you don’t have VISA types above, but if you are a foreigner in the right of permanent residence based on  [Act of Foreigner Investment Promotion]

Required documentation

  1. 1. Alien Registration Card
  2. 2. Certification of Domestic Residence
  3. 3. International or Domestic Driver's License
  4. 4. Certified Copy of Own Real Estate Register

Regardless of above guidelines, the foreigners who work in the area as below can be the same in underwriting process for Korean Citizen. : Lawyer, CPA, Doctor(incl. oriental doctor), Professor, a resident of the embassy (G20 countries, only IL, GL products are available), Board members of FORCS.

In case of less than 2-year residence [and/or] other types of VISA should be provided as below: A Korean co-applicant with income proof or property owned.